Environmental Education Programs Offered by Florida Fisheries and Hatcheries

With today’s environment being in such a vulnerable state, it is more important than ever to stay educated on the environmental factors. Florida fisheries and hatcheries are doing their part to provide educational opportunities. Here are a few of the things that the public can learn about.

Fishing Clinics
If you are a new fisherman, this is an excellent way to get introduced to the sport of fishing. Even veteran fisherman can learn a thing or two from taking a fishing clinic. The Continue reading

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The Most Successful Major Fisheries in Florida

When most people think of Florida, they think of sun, beaches, warm wind, fresh fruit and even fresher seafood. Fortunately, in spite of overfishing and environmental disasters, Florida’s fisheries continue to thrive. One of the most important fisheries off of the Florida coast is the shrimp fishery. This is where some of the world’s best shrimp comes from, and generations of families have worked as shrimp fishermen since before the area was settled. Shrimp is also a staple of Florida cuisine. Even the Gulf of Mexico oil spill that occurred several years ago did not Continue reading

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How Florida’s Fisheries Educate the Public on Natural Resources

Florida’s fisheries are more than just interesting attractions that can be visited to see all types of fish. Florida’s fisheries provide valuable information to the public on Florida’s natural resources.

Many of Florida’s fisheries provide scientists with opportunities to study certain species of fish including snapper, grouper and trigger fish. Scientists are able to perform research that tells them how to protect certain species from dangers including overfishing and habitat destruction. This information will allow catch limits and regulations to be put into place ensuring that certain species of wildlife will be able Continue reading

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Nothing Fishy About Fisheries

A fishery is usually described as a group of people dedicated to harvesting and facilitating the continued existence of various kinds of fish. This is usually accomplished by designating a protected spawning area where these fish can continue to grow and multiply – thus preserving the population and the species.

Fisheries are also important for a number of other reasons. They help maintain the population while still allowing people to engage in hobbies like fishing. And other animals that rely on consistent fish populations as a source of food can continue to survive – allowing the ecosystem to thrive as it should in the wake of man’s negative impact, such as overfishing. However, probably one of the most important uses for a fishery is to supply more than 500 million people in developing countries with the necessary sustenance to survive. In fact, fisheries help to undo the negative effects industry and man have had in these developing countries.

There is no denying that fisheries are very important but, as with most conservation efforts, they need your help. Get out there and see what you can do. Fire up that satellite star internet and start researching how you can support your local fishery.

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Ways that Fisheries Restore Fish Habitats in Florida Reefs

When using fisheries to harvest and restore a certain group of fish, either because they are becoming extinct, or because a community is trying to preserve the species, is a great way to restore the habitats in the Florida reefs. Although you cannot restore the population of those fish that are gone, the use of fisheries, along with stating that the reefs are a place that can no longer be fished, is the best way to ensure that the population no longer dies down. It is also a way Continue reading

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How Fisheries and Hatcheries Contribute to Florida’s Economy

The economies of states can depend on a number of different things. Employment, shopping, schools, taxes, population- just some of the factors of a good or bad economy. An economy can crash just because of one thing that causes a chain reaction, and sometimes it may be the silliest little thing that you probably thought would never have an effect on anything. Florida wouldn’t be half of what it is today if it wasn’t for the fisheries and hatcheries in the state. The fisheries and hatcheries contribute greatly to the lifestyle and economy of Continue reading

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Best New Technology That Enhance Marine Fisheries

Marine fisheries are an object of concern in Florida and around the world. With many species becoming so low in numbers that moratoriums have had to be placed on catching them and the situation getting worse not better enhancing fisheries has become an object of research.

The simplest way to enhance a fishery is through hatcheries. Hatcheries allow for young wish to be raised in a safe environment, free of predators, and then released. How is new technology helping this? The problems with aquaculture, Continue reading

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Ways That Florida Saltwater Hatcheries Keep Fish Population Healthy

Florida’s sportfishing industry is a huge part of the local economy. Florida is the most popular sportfishing destination in the country. Maintaining a healthy fish population and their habitats is very important to Florida’s economy and the continued success of the sport. Florida’s Marine Fisheries has come up with a plan to bolster the sport fish population that without help would become over fished.

The plan includes creating several networked hatcheries on both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Continue reading

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